Ultra Power cold storage racks

Discover the advantages of the noMICRO coating!

Ultra Power metal shelving for use in rooms with non-standard storage conditions - low temperatures, such as cold storage, freezer, etc. Above all, they are modular shelving systems with a high degree of protection. They have anti-corrosion protection i pokryte są noMICRO antimicrobial coating. This makes them an excellent alternative to stainless steel shelving, being up to 40% cheaper than them! Invest wisely in growing your business and you will save money and provide yourself with a modular storage area for future expansion.

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Key features of Ultra Power Galvanizing+Epoxy with noMICRO coating:

  • Super heavy duty shelves up to 290kg and 900kg for the whole rack !!!!
  • Galvanizing + Epoxy resin as scratch-resistant corrosion protection !!
  • The noMICRO coating is an antimicrobial protection which is harmless to humans and animals and kills Bacteria, mould, fungi etc.
  • High quality workmanship , lowest price in Europe!!
  • It is resistant to humid weather conditions - it can be used in cold stores and freezers
  • Racks covered with a layer of galvanized and abrasion resistant epoxy resin
  • It is 40% cheaper than stainless steel racks
  • Shelves adjustable in 2,5 cm increments - very easy to expand and add additional shelves later
  • Possibility of joining the racks into lines
  • Corrosion protection warranty

What is a noMICRO coating?

The noMICRO coating is an antimicrobial protection which is harmless to humans and animals but deadly to bacteria, mould, fungi etc. It is the ideal solution when special conditions such as humidity and cold prevail in the storage area and the product cannot be stored in the standard way. The absence of microorganisms and pathogens makes them ideal for cleanrooms and special purpose areas. The noMICRO layer is therefore suitable for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.


Sizes & Prices

No. Assortment Size Net price Photo
1 Rack noMICRO 46x61x182 cm 136,00 EUR
2 Rack noMICRO 46x92x182 cm 160,00 EUR
3 Rack noMICRO 46x107x182 cm 168,00 EUR
4 Rack noMICRO 46x122x182 cm 208,00 EUR
5 Rack noMICRO 46x152x182cm 228,00 EUR
6 Rack noMICRO 61x92x182 cm 188,00 EUR
7 Rack noMICRO 61x107x182 cm 204,00 EUR
8 Rack noMICRO 61x122x182 cm 252,00 EUR
9 Rack noMICRO 61x152x182 cm 276,00 EUR
No. Assortment Symbol Size Net price Photo
1 Shlef noMICRO W1824AG 46x61 cm 21,00 EUR
2 Shelf noMICRO W1836AG 46x92 cm 27,00 EUR
3 Shelf noMICRO W1842AG 46x107cm 29,00 EUR
4 Shelf noMICRO W1848AG 46x122cm 39,00 EUR
5 Shelf noMICRO W1860AG 46x152cm 44,00 EUR
6 Shelf noMICRO W2436AG 61x92cm 34,00 EUR
7 Shelf noMICRO W2442AG 61x107cm 38,00 EUR
8 Shelf noMICRO W2448AG 61x122cm 50,00 EUR
9 Shelf noMICRO W2460AG 61x152cm 56,00 EUR
10 Post noMICRO P72AG 182 cm 13,00 EUR
11 Post noMICRO P78AG 200 cm 15,00 EUR
12 Mounting noMICRO(1set.-2pcs.) ST-030AG "S" 3 EUR

Recommended use of noMICRO shelving

The noMICRO coating is a special coating applied to the metal parts of the shelving to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. This makes it easy to create an entire shelving system in areas where temperatures are low, humidity is high and sterile conditions and hygiene are particularly important.
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01 Refrigerated warehouses

Do you have rooms, premises and car trailers where you store, cool and freeze raw materials, products and other goods for which it is important to maintain high quality for a long time? If so, noMICRO metal shelving will be a good investment for your business. They are less expensive than stainless steel systems, yet durable and expandable.
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02 Freezers

Are freezers part of your business? These are places with exceptional conditions. They're expensive to maintain and Ultra Power wants to help you make the right investment. Check out our freezer shelving systems to see how they can grow your business by creating dedicated storage space, with the option to expand later and at very competitive prices!
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03 Pool halls

Do you run a swimming pool and plan to equip it well, taking care of the safety and health of people using it? Thanks to their antibacterial coating and special anti-corrosion protection, noMICRO racks are an essential element of changing rooms or organizational furniture for flip-flops or swimming accessories by the pool. Durable, moisture-resistant and yet microbe-protective!
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04 Kitchen

NoMICRO Ultra Power racks are used in backrooms and industrial kitchens, tourist resorts, educational institutions and other places where mass catering is part of everyday life. Their great advantage is that they make it easy to maintain hygiene. If you are responsible for the budget then we offer you a cost-effective solution. Metal shelving for large kitchen cheaper by 40%!
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05 High humidity levels

Greenhouses, conservatories and other industry premises where high humidity levels are recommended require specialist equipment. Modular metal shelving resistant to damage, but above all, solidly protected against corrosion is a durable investment for years, which you will expand in each subsequent stage of your company's development. Check it and be a satisfied entrepreneur!
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Create your own shelving configuration in the special configurator. You will immediately know its price and will be able to place an order.

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