Ultra Power bakery racks and trolleys
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Discover the advantages of shelving on wheels!

Ultra Power metal racks with fitted castors, also called bakery trolleys, make it easier for you to cool down your baked goods or transport them around the bakery or pastry shop.

Remember that fragrant crispy crust and soft centre of your bread or roll? In our offer you will find racks with a mesh construction, thanks to which baked goods will not burn and will have an even heat dissipation. Then your bread will retain its benefits and your customers will create their own fond memories of family breakfasts!

You are an entrepreneur and so are we! We know very well the advantages of economically beneficial investment in business development. By combining quality, international design and construction technology, we offer you confectionery racks, bakery trolleys at a very affordable price. These are long-term solutions based on a modular system of individual parts. At any time, you can change the layout of the shelves, increase the amount of metal furniture in your company and they will always fit together!

Take a look at the range, see examples of applications and configure your rack!

sturdy metal racks with several hundred kilograms of load capacity


modular metal racks covered with 3 layers of chromium

chromium-plated steel

cheap metal racks

competitive price

certified metal racks

PZH certified product

Modular shelving systems, metal shelving for expansion, rack lines

cheap expansion

metal racks easy to assemble

easy to assembly


Advantages of Ultra Power shelving for bakeries:

  • durability - super strong shelves up to 290kg and 900kg for the whole rack !!!
  • mesh construction It is conducive to rapid cooling and therefore facilitates the timely completion of orders and deliveries,
  • bearing and swivel castors the shelving units allow easy manoeuvring of the trolley and simplify cleaning in your company, which your employees will appreciate,
  • high quality of construction,
  • easy assembly,
  • Modular system with adjustable shelves - exceptional ease of adjustment to the type of stored products, goods,
  • good price = good investment in business development.

Sizes & Prices

No. Symbol Dimension Net price
1 WP-122 173/122/61cm 438,00 EUR
2 WP-152 173/152/61cm 526,00 EUR
3 WP-183 173/183/61cm 598,00 EUR
No. Symbol Dimension Net price
1 WB-122 173/122/61cm 582,00 EUR
2 WB-152 173/152/61cm 678,00 EUR

See how well you can observe the processes that baked goods undergo thanks to Ultra Power shelving. Employees can conveniently place products on the shelves, transport them and remove them. Thanks to the installed bearing, metal and swivel castors, they can easily arrange the baked goods according to the order in which they are processed. At Ultra Power, if only thanks to our online shop, you can buy new components at any time, expand your facilities and develop your business. We have a lot of satisfied customers - you too can appreciate the investment in our bakery trolleys! You are welcome!

racks shelves


Create your own shelving configuration in the special configurator. You will immediately know its price and will be able to place an order.

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