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Ultra Power Polska Sp. z o.o.
POLAND, 66-460 Nowiny Wielkie
ul. Główna 28a
VAT: 5993245582
KRS: 0000817267

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Poland, Nowiny Wielkie/near Gorzów Wlkp..
Tel. +48 95 720 48 62
Fax. +48 95 720 48 63

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We have been working for years on the high quality of Ultra Power products. We combine practical technical thought with efficient machinery with a view to functionality in the wide application of metal shelving and metal racks.

  • Durable - shelf load capacity of up to 290 kg when the range is evenly distributed.
  • Metal protection such as noMICRO coating, chrome plating.
  • Easy assembly and many adjustment possibilities when expanding storage space or replacing goods.

Ultra Power metal shelving is used in a wide range of industries. From cold storage and medical facilities, where robust and easy-to-clean equipment is required, to shop displays and warehouses, where load capacity and attractive design are important, to industrial styling of residential interiors. Our racks can be hidden away in a workshop or displayed in a hotel loft.

Ultra Power a reliable business partner

We are an established company. Our business relationships have worked well for years. We have access to technical expertise and production facilities that fulfil our orders on time, using high-quality raw materials processed in well-equipped machine parks.

Ultra Power shelving systems are covered by a guarantee and each component is of high quality. This is very important to us, because customer and business partner satisfaction has a positive impact on our development and position in the B2B market.

The basis of our business cooperation is the respect no matter how big the order is, every distributor can count on our help and individually tailored conditions and the implementation of the contract at the same high level.

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  • We support your marketing activities as required.
  • We guarantee the availability of goods in stock, without shortages, which is particularly important for the continuity of your sales and the terms of your contracts!
  • We have an attractive discount policy.
  • We are flexible in our business cooperation.

Get back to us and share your business idea and we will provide you with a range that your customers will be happy with!


Create your own shelving configuration in the special configurator. You will immediately know its price and will be able to place an order.

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Online Store

We encourage you to purchase at the Ultra Power online store!
You'll find ready-made shelving as well as shelves and other necessary accessories, allowing you to create a customized storage space for your warehouse, business, store, basement, garage and more!
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