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Do you run a large kitchen? Are you in charge of furnishing it? You need shelving because you need somewhere to store supplies, crockery, pots, dry goods, drinks etc. Catering, canteens, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries, etc. are all places where aesthetically pleasing adjustable metal shelving can find its place, not only as a mobile pantry, but also to maximise storage space, e.g. corner wall shelving.

For the catering industry, we particularly recommend chrome racks, which are resistant to rust, which is important in premises related to food storage and preparation. This equipment is easy to clean and at the same time functional and aesthetic.

It is not uncommon for the largest kitchens, e.g. those in hotels, holiday resorts, fruit processing plants, meat processing plants, etc. to have refrigerated rooms. Inside these kitchens, special conditions prevail and it is expected that no bacteria or viruses will develop. We have racks for cold stores, noMICRO racks with antimicrobial coating, which will pass the test in such environments.

We offer:

  • static racks, including corner racks,
  • shelving on wheels, e.g. for stacking baked goods,
  • Waiter trolleys, i.e. low racks on wheels with a comfortable handle to steer, ideal for safely entering the hall with ordered dishes or collecting unnecessary dishes from a number of tables.
sturdy metal racks with several hundred kilograms of load capacity


modular metal racks covered with 3 layers of chromium

chromium-plated steel

cheap metal racks

competitive price

certified metal racks

PZH certified product

Modular shelving systems, metal shelving for expansion, rack lines

cheap expansion

metal racks easy to assemble

easy to assembly

Advantages of Ultra Power racks dedicated to the catering industry:

  • durability - super strong shelves up to 290kg and 900kg for the whole rack !!!
  • metal covered with special layers - chrome plated, rust resistant,
  • high quality construction,
  • easy assembly,
  • modular system with adjustable shelves,
  • Affordable price = cost savings.


Create your own shelving configuration in the special configurator. You will immediately know its price and will be able to place an order.

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